Cool Science Club

The Cool Aeronautics Science Club is your teacher resource for on-line STEM Lesson Resources. Our lessons and webinars aim to illustrate to students the connections between classroom learning in STEM and future work and learning opportunities.

You and your students can participate in our virtual classes, receive links to supporting resources and gain access to industry professionals.



Upcoming Virtual Lessons - exact times and dates are still to be determined

What is Aerodynamics?

An introduction into areodynamics and basic theory of flight.



Introduction to Jet Propulsion

Learn how about the beginnings of Jet propulsion and it's application to the journey to Mars.


Introduction to Fixed Wing Flight

A interesting discussion into the theory of flight with practical interective activities.


The Application of Mathematics to Space Flight

Our presenters will illustrate to students just how math is used in space flight with practical applications.


Engineering Design Process - Desiging a Better Wing

Engineers are problem solvers, learn how they use the engineering design process to design better wings.


Introduction to Rotory Wing

At times it seems impossible that helicopters can fly, learn just what makes them so special and how they differ from fixed wing aircraft.




Upcoming Webinars - exact times and dates are still to be determined

A day in the life of a Maintenance Engineer   March
A Day in the Life of a Jetliner Pilot    April
How do I use STEM in my job? A panel discussion from a variety of industry professionals.   May
The Science of High Speed Flight - Key Panelist Prof. Andrew Neely UNSW Canberra    June
Virtual Tour - Airport Control Tower   July
First People and the Stars   August

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