Membership Grades

The Royal Aeronautical Society offers grades of membership for enthusiasts and professionals alike. For those working in aerospace, membership provides professional recognition and development as your career progresses.

By joining initially as an Affiliate, you can quickly begin to enjoy the benefits of membership and receive updates from your Branch whilst your application for your appropriate grade is being assessed.

Applicants for new membership or regrading may also qualify for registration with Engineers Australia and with the UK Engineering Council, subject to qualifications and experience.

There is a great variety of qualifications, responsibilities and experience in the aerospace and related professions. More expansive guidelines and examples of typical membership requirements are available from the Australian Division.

The grades of membership reflect different degrees of involvement and achievement. In general the information is equally applicable to Australian Division. Where there is doubt reference can be made to the Division through the Australian Division's Administration Officer.

Click here to download more information on membership benefits and grades.

Anyone associated with, or interested in, aeronautics/aerospace and the quick and easy way to initially join. Current annual rate A$163.30.
For students undertaking studies and intending to follow a career in aerospace. Your membership is at a concessional rate with a quick and easy application process. First year Free then A$33 per year while studying.

This grade is designed for Student Affiliate members who have been awarded their degree and Apprentice Affiliate members who have successfully completed their apprenticeship. The grade offers all the great benefits the Society has to offer, including the letters ARAeS after their name, for a very reasonable price for one year. After one year, e-Associates will automatically be upgraded to Associate of the Society. Current rate A$56.10.

Please note that you can only apply for e-Associate if you completed your apprenticeship or graduated from with one of the following:

  • an undergraduate degree
  • an integrated masters degree
  • a postgraduate degree


Please note that you should not apply for this grade if:

  • You are currently studying full time
  • You have obtained a BTEC
  • You are currently undertaking an apprenticeship


If you think you are eligible for e-Associate, please download the application form.

If you hold a BTech or have been a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for two years you should qualify. Alternatively you may have three years relevant vocational experience; typically you may be cabin staff, a junior NCO in the armed forces, aircraft technician, lab technician or draughtsperson. Current annual rate A$163.30.

If you hold a Bachelor degree (typically four years) in a relevant field, you have a Commercial Pilot Licence or are a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a rating on complex aircraft and have two years relevant experience or professional development, you should qualify. Alternatively if you are an experienced industry operative, with 12 years relevant vocational exposure and at least three years in a position of responsibility you should also qualify. For example you could be an active pilot, flight engineer, senior draughtsperson, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, senior cabin staff, senior NCO, instructor or air traffic controller. Current annual rate A$206.20.

Applicants for AMRAeS may also be eligible to apply for EngTech or IEng.

There are two ways to qualify. One is to hold a Bachelor or higher degree (typically four years) in a relevant field and have four years appropriate experience or professional development with a suitable level of responsibility. The other is to have normally 15 years experience of which the last 7 should be in a position of suitable responsibility. You may be a senior engineer, workshop manager, Captain, Lieutenant, university lecturer, senior air traffic controller or a qualified practitioner in a related specialist area, such as air law or medicine. Current annual rate A$354.70.

Applicants for MRAeS may also be eligible to apply for CEng, IEng or EngTech.

Fellowship (current rate A$550.50) is the highest grade attainable and is only bestowed upon those who meet the requirements for Member and who can also demonstrate that they have achieved one of the following in the profession of aeronautics or aerospace:


  • Have made outstanding contributions;
  • Have attained a position of high responsibility in an influential role; or
  • Have had long experience of high quality


Companionship is granted to those who have provided valuable service to the profession of aeronautics, engaged in related professions with equivalent qualifications and experience as Fellows but who do not qualify for that grade. For example, senior executives joining the industry from other sectors later in their careers.