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An engineer’s life with Fiji Airways by Andrew Drysdale

Posted 22/10/2020

Many of us in the world of aviation have been fortunate to have led interesting lives, this story being a good example.

One of the many fascinating aspects of aviation is the innate complexity of the aviation system itself and the amazing rate of technological progress that has taken place in our industry in a relatively short period of time. Andrew Drysdale is someone who spent much of his working life in the aviation industry during which he experienced many of these technological changes at first hand. Andrew’s story, which covers his time as an engineer with Fiji Airways, beginning with his apprenticeship, is an extract from his biography ‘Sketches of Fiji’ published on 19 October 2019.

Download Andrew’s story here [PDF]

Snippets from a Flying Career – Captain Brian Greeves FRAeS

Posted 25/08/20

Brian Greeves' reflections on his career in the Royal Air Force and a wide variety of experiences.

DOWNLOAD his story here [PDF]


Working on Boeing Aircraft – Peter Marosszeky FRAeS

Posted 25/08/20

Peter Marosseezeky tells of his experience of working on Boeing Aircraft for 56 years across a number of different airlines including Pan American and QantasLink – in his own words most interesting and rewarding times.

DOWNLOAD his story here [PDF]